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Delta Home Improvements

Website for a company who providing building services in the Greater London area. This site is developed using XHTML and ASP.

Website: http://www.deltahi.co.uk

Preview: Delta Home Improvements

Quick Pest Control Ltd

Website for a company who provide tailor-made pest control services in Greater London area to both residential and commercial customers. This site is developed using XHTML, CSS and PHP with enquiry forms.

Website: http://www.quickpestcontrolltd.co.uk

Preview: Quick Pest Control Ltd

Digital Experts UK

Website for a company, based in London, providing maintenance cover plan for digital satellite customers in UK. This site is developed using latest HTML and PHP with integration to standard Paypal checkout.

Website: http://www.digitalexpertsuk.co.uk

Preview: Digital Experts UK

System Deals

An online shopping store for computer hardware. This site is developed using latest ASP.net 3.5 and SQL Server 2005 technologies, integrated with Paypal and Google Checkout payment systems.

Website: http://www.systemdeals.co.uk

Preview: System Deals - the hardware store

KB Art Promotions (Khan Brothers) - Qawwali.co.uk

Website for a talented qawwal based in East London, UK. The site is developed using latest ASP.net 2.0 and SQL Server 2000 technologies. Site offers information about the group, new updates, picture gallery and downloadable audio files.

Website: http://www.qawwali.co.uk

Preview: KB Art Promotions - Qawwali

Fais Mortgages

Website for Independent Mortgage Advisor based in East London, UK. Developed using latest ASP.net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 technologies, it provides searching for properties and has an online mortgage calculator.

Website: http://www.faismortgages.co.uk

Preview: Fais Mortgages

Addison Car Park

A Gatwick Airport UK based car parking company providing services at afforable prices. Website offer an online booking mechanism and is developed using ASP.net 2.0 with Visual C#, CSS and Flash.

Website: http://www.addisoncarpark.co.uk (not operational now)

Preview: Addison Car Park

Amin Welfare Trust

Website for a UK based charity providing help to the needy children in different part of the world. This is an online presence website, developed using ASP, Flash, Javascript and CSS.

Website: http://www.aminwelfaretrust.co.uk

Preview: Amin Welfare Trust

Faso's Designer Clothing Collection

Website for a Ladies suit designer, providing specialised tailoring services for ladies.

Website: http://www.fasoscollection.com (not operational now)

Preview: Faso Collection

Gadgets and Toys

An online store for different type of gadgets and toys and many other types of products. This is an online store, developed using ASP, Javascript and CSS.

Website: http://www.gadgetandtoys.co.uk (not operational now)

Preview: Gadgets and Toys

itsPakistan - all you need to know

The website is a portal on Pakistan. It provides contents related to Pakistan, Jobs, Music, Egreetings, News, Technology, Weather updates and much more. It is developed using ASP.net (VB.net), CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT and JavaScript.




itsPakistan - all you need to know

itsPakistan - all you need to know

itsPakistan.com - all you need to know
itsPakistan.net - all you need to know


This is a simple site for a software house providing software development serivces in UK, developed using ASP, Javascript and CSS.

Website: http://www.systemist.com

Preview: Systemist Software Solutions

Great Choice Holidays

Website for a travel agent in West London dealing in flights to Europe and America. The website is implemented using ASP.NET 2.0, XML, SQL Server 2000 and is hosted on secure dedicated server with SSL security.

Website: http://www.greatchoiceholidays.co.uk (not operational now)

Preview: Great Choice Holidays

Immigration Advisory Bureau

Website of an Immigration firm in London, UK. This is a simple site, developed using HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Website: http://www.iabureau.co.uk (not operational now)

Preview: Immigration Advisory Bureau

itsIslam - share knowledge

This website is on Islam. It includes Islamic Articles divided into different categories, Audio Naats in Urdu (Hymns), Basics about Islam, Islamic Multimedia (pictures, lectures, video clips), Quran Translation in English by 3 different scholars (Searchable), Quran Recitation with Urdu translation and more. It is developed using ASP.net (VB.net), CSS, XML, and JavaScript. MS Access is used as backend database for storing data.




itsIslam - share knowledge
itsIslam - share knowledge

GMB Photography

Website of a professional photographer in providing services within UK. It has huge collection of sample pictures and information about prices and services offered. Site is developed using ASP, Javascript and CSS.

Website: http://www.gmbphotography.co.uk

Preview: GMB Photography

Tai Chi World News

This is an informational website about the Art of Tai Chi and its activities in UK. It provides information about Tai Chi, its History, Courses, Events, Seminars, Grading, Chamber Meetings, Online Shopping and other related information. It is developed using HTML, ASP, MS Access and JavaScript.

Website: http://www.taichiworldnews.com (not operational now)

Preview: Tai Chi World News

A. Ghafoor International, Estd. 1882

This website is for a corporate organization which deals in gents garments like suits and trousers and hand embroidered products like badges, emblems and gorgets. It is a dynamic website with a product catalog and is developed using HTML, ASP and JavaScript.

Website: http://www.aghafoor1882.com

Preview: A. Ghafoor International, est 1882

Multimedia Presentations

These are developed for BizNas.com Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Faisalabad Centre, Pakistan (View Flash Movie) (high bandwidth required), American University of Hawaii, Punjab Campus, Faisalabad (View Flash Movie) and School of E-Commerce, Faisalabad, Pakistan (View Flash Movie). These presentations are developed using Macromedia Flash 5, Flash MX and different graphics utilities.

Mirza A. Sons (Pvt.) Ltd.

Website of a corporate organization which deals in manufacturing of different confectionery machinery. It is developed using HTML, PHP and JavaScript.

Website: http://www.mirzaasons.com

Preview: Mirza A. and Sons, manufacturers of confectionary  machinery

Habib Clinic

Website of a clinical laboratory, which provides facilities of X-Ray, ECG and different clinical tests and developed using HTML, ASP and JavaScript.

Website: http://www.habibz.com/clinic

Preview: Habib Clinic Faisalabad

Inventory Control System

For Shaher International (Pvt.) Ltd., this application was developed using Microsoft Access as database. The aim of this application was to computerize the overall working of the organization by providing a simple application.

Accounting and Inventory Management System

For BizNas.com Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Faisalabad Centre, Pakistan, this application is developed using Visual Basic 6, ASP as front end and Microsoft SQL 2000 as database storage. The aim of this application is to provide the facility of storing daily sales records and report generation for specific period of time.


This project was completed using different tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, CorelDraw 9. Microsoft Access 2000 was used as database on back-end in this project. It was the first ever portal of Faisalabad city. It was developed using HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), JavaScript and VBScript.

Website: http://www.insidefsd.com (not operational now)

Preview: insidefsd.com - the e-home of faisalabadiz