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In Leisure Time

I have interest in making 3D graphics and playing games on computer. I have wide gaming experience. I almost played every good game available for PC. I am fond of playing games like Quake Arena 3D, Unreal Tournament, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Max Payne, Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, Soldier of Fortune 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, Command & Conquer, Commandos 2, Red Alert 2, Need for Speed: High Stakes, Fifa 2002, Brian Lara Cricket and many other games.

I also have interest in surfing the internet and trying to find new and different things out of it. I also like to sit in front of computer and explore different hidden areas.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Attending Microsoft Technical Briefing on 'Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0', held on February 17th, 2005 at Cavendish Conference Center, London, UK. Sessions on new features about ASP.net, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Presented by Team Unit Manager of ASP.NET from USA, Scott Guthrie (Father of ASP.net).

  • Attending Microsoft Technical Event on Security held on October 4, 2004 at Wembley Arena, London UK. Sessions include Security in Web Services, .NET security tips for Developers, Windows XP SP2 Security updates and Implementing security in UK Government Gateway project. Keynote speech by CEO Microsoft Steve Ballmar.

  • Participation in 5th All Pakistan Inter University Computer Science Contest held at Islamic International University, Islamabad, Dated March 09-10, 2002
    View: Participation Certificate

  • Participation in Software & Quiz competition SoftCom2001 held at Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK) Institute, Dated November 23-24, 2001
    View: Participation Certificate

  • Organizer and Participant in 1st Software Competition and Exhibition held at Hamdard University, Dated July 6-7, 2001
    View: Participation Certificate

  • Participation in IT exhibition held at American University of Hawaii, Punjab Campus, Faisalabad, Dated January 13-14, 2001
    View: Participation Certificate

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